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Farmhouse Quarantallina in the heart of Tuscany

Quarantallina is an ancient farmhouse, today transformed in Agriturismo, situated on the top of one of the very suggestive hills of the Sienese country and overlooks a natural terrace of Tuscany with a very suggestive scenery, that allows you to enjoy your holidays in an enviable piece and quite.
Every vision from the hill allows you to collect strong emotions, thanks to the diversity of the landscape, that between valleys and hills able you to stir up strong emotions. In the wide outside is situated the swimming pool, that allows you a very pleasant stay, dipped in the water of this natural paradise. Quarantallina is family managed and the young owners Mario and Serena, like taking care of this farmhouse in the details, especially in the furniture that is particularly re-searched and of very good taste. Quarantallina is also a good point of departure for excursions to places of extraordinary cultural interests (mediaeval towns, churches.) or for excursions to the different thermal establishments or tour to the sea.

Why stay at Quarantallina?

  • You reach Quarantallina by an evocatively charming gravel road, amid rolling hills that change colour with the changing of seasons. Along the road you may come across hares, pheasants, roe deer, porcupines and wild boars, proof that nature is alive and runs alongside with us.
  • On your arrival at the Holiday Farm, you will find waiting for you a breathtaking all-round view, a splendid natural garden with cypresses, palm trees and succulent plants, and a beautiful gazebo that is perfect for reading, relaxing, drinking a glass of good wine and chatting with the other guests on clear and warm summer nights. There is also a swimming pool to have fun, and poolside sun beds for those who love lounging by the water. Mario and Serena will be there to welcome you with their warm smiles.
  • Mario has an artistic temperament, so the garden of the Holiday Farm has become the setting of many iron sculptures, created by him using recycled iron. They represent different types of characters that will stir your imagination.
  • Two hundred metres from the holiday farm facility there is a fenced area that stretches over more than one kilometre of land, with horses, donkeys and Cinta Senese swine, which liven up this lovely natural scenery with their presence. The star among them is the donkey called DJ, well known to returning guests who have come to love him for the sweet sound he makes every morning when he wakes up.
  • The apartments and rooms all differ from one another. Their style is prevalently Tuscan, with pieces of furniture carefully selected in different antique markets and shops, complemented by ethnic objects that lend colour and warmth to the atmosphere.
  • Serena is ready in the morning with her rich breakfast of homemade jams, biscuits and cakes, not to mention the tasty local cheeses and cold cuts. Dinner is served on request and we strongly recommend that you take up this opportunity, as everything is cooked right on the spot, using only fresh local ingredients. The result will delight your eyes and taste buds!
  • So many guests immediately feel at home... and this is exactly what Mario and Serena want: a family atmosphere, where their home is open to all, and where all your needs will be met.
  • At Quarantallina some people wake up early to watch the sunrise, others like to venture out for a jog, a walk or a bike ride... some like snapping pictures or painting, others prefer lazing by the pool or waiting for the sun to set. Here at Quarantallina sunsets are memorable!
  • Finally, for our more dynamic guests, we organise horseback excursions in collaboration with the horse riding school 600 metres walk from Quarantallina... an experience not to be missed because it regenerates the body and soul. During the outing we are likely to come across pheasants and roe deer, and we can even stop for a break. We will spread a pretty tablecloth on a beautiful wheat field and have a nice picnic together! Children can ride Shtelland Pony and they will enjoy it.

We are looking forward to your visit...
Mario and Serena

The wonderful atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside

Quarantallina under the snow